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Definition:Inflammation, destruction and ulceration of the large intestine.

Transmission: Faeco-oral route,which is ingestion of food and water contaminated by human faeces containing the cysts of Entamoeba histolytica.

Disease Burden:It is second only to Malaria for most causes of death as a result of parasitic infection.About 500million people are infected world wide and 100,000 people die annually from this disease.

Some organisms can penetrate the intestinal wall,enter the blood stream and travel to other organs of the body.

Risk factors:

– Poor personal Hygiene

– Use of human faeces as fertilizer

– Unavailability of portable water

-Poor sewage disposal method

-Unsafe sexual practices like oral sex

-HIV positive individuals

-Low socioeconomic status.

Clinical features:

It is characterized by frequent(10-12 times per day) passage of low volume blood stained and mucous containing stool.(diarrhea may sometimes alternate with constipation)

Other clinical features include:

-abdominal pain




-abdominal enlargement


-Large intestinal perforation

-Liver abscess

-Pus in the abdominal cavity

-Pus in chest cavity

-Brain abscess

-Splenic abscess

Treatment: Use of amoebicides like:





-chloroquine etc

Preventive Measures:

-Health Education

-Good personal Hygiene

-Provision of portable water

-Proper washing of fruits and vegetables

-Boiling of water for at least 10 minutes before drinking

-Proper sewage disposal method

-Avoid unsafe sexual practices like oral sex -Avoid usage of human feces(stool) as fertilizer

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