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Smoking has caused over five million deaths per year between 1990 and 2015-

Are there any benefits to smoking?

 Why is smoking difficult to stop?

What are reasons why people smoke?

 electronic cigarettes / rolled ones /industrial manufactured ones?

Smoked fish or suya?

Marijuana/ Tobacco/ Shisha?

Answers coming through 🔜

Medically speaking, there are no benefits to smoking regardless of the form. Some may talk about euphoria and ease of stress but reality is all those put you in harm’s way.

Amongst other reasons,Cessation of smoking is difficult because of the addictive nature of a major component: Nicotine.

All forms of smoking devices pose more or less the same degree of harmful effects.

Lets reduce our intake of smoked fish or meat(suya). During the roasting process(combustion), some carcinogenic( cancer causing) products are produced also which may affect us in the long run

Marijuana(weed)/ cigarette / Shisha  etc. It shouldn’t be a case of lesser evil. Leaving whatever active component each contain, the combustion process still takes place and the point here is that is harmful.


Nonsmokers who are mostly around smokers are not spared from these harmful effects if not more.

Also Please ladies, I did not say suya is bad.

Thank you!

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